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Wedding Advice on Spectacles and Contact Lenses

Wedding Advice on Glasses and Contact Lenses

A Day to See and be Seen

Happy Couple

Whether you're the Bride or Groom, your Wedding Day is probably the day you will be looked at and photographed the most in your lifetime. It's a day for looking your best and making every effort so that you can feel confident and enjoy yourself to the full.

It's also the time when you have to make decisions about your eyewear since if you wear glasses, they will also be photographed during the day as many times as you are.

Reasons to Wear Glasses on Your Wedding Day.

If you normally wear glasses everyday then they are obviously a part of your look, so would people recognise you without them? Would you look like you in the photographs?

Also, depending upon your prescription, deciding not to wear your glasses could mean you spend the day missing the smiles of your guests, squinting at the camera's and possibly fighting off a headache.

Ideas on Wearing Glasses on Your Wedding Day

If you decide to wear glasses then here are a few ideas to make the day a little more spectacular.

Wedding Spectacles

Why not upgrade and buy those fantastic designer or high tech glasses you've always wanted to buy but couldn't justify. Not only will you look great and feel great on the day but you'll look and feel great for the lifetime of the glasses. The perfect Wedding present to yourself.

Also, if you are going to buy new glasses, you can make sure that the colour and style matches whatever you're going to be wearing on the day. As a Bride, you could even take a picture of your wedding dress to the opticians along with coloured swatches to make sure your spectacle frames and dress match perfectly.

Another must is to make sure your lenses have a non-reflective coating. If not your eyes may not be visible in your photographs due to the glare from camera flashes.  A good photographer can ensure that glare is not a problem, but not all your guests may be so skilled.

Brides should also make sure that they have their glasses early enough to ensure that they can wear them when experimenting with make-up and hairstyles.

Just one more precaution that you could make is to ensure that you have an extra pair of glasses for emergencies or even just for a different look in the evening.

Why not try Contact Lenses

If you would prefer not to wear glasses and would still like to see everything that goes on around you in perfect clarity, then perhaps wearing contact lenses is the answer. And who knows, once you've made the effort to try them out you may never go back to spectacles.

If you've never worn contact lenses, or have not worn them for some time, then you will need to have a consultation some weeks or months before your wedding day. This will ensure that not only are you confident in using them, but that there are no adverse reactions.

Wedding Eyes

During the consultation, the Optician will discuss the various types of contact lens and will be able to determine the best contact lens for your prescription and lifestyle. For more information on contact lens types, please visit our contact lens page.

Depending upon your prescription we can also offer Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) eye correction. With this technique you wear special contact lenses whilst you sleep that gently change the shape of your cornea. Then when you awake you remove the lenses and have natural unaided vision all day long.

Of course another choice available to you, whether you need sight correction or not, is to choose coloured contact lenses. With these you can enhance your natural eye colour or even completely change the colour of your eyes.

As with glasses it would be a good idea to have a spare pair of contact lenses available as well as cleaning solution on the day.

Laser Eye Correction

Perhaps your wedding is the excuse you need to make the jump and find out about Laser surgery? We are able to advise you on the procedure and its benefits and also can perform all the necessary checkups and aftercare to ensure that your surgery is a success.

Family, Ushers & Bridesmaids

Of course there are many other people at a wedding who will get photographed almost as much as the Bride and Groom. Perhaps you could splash out so that all the bridesmaids have matching glasses, or perhaps the Brides Mother decides that it's time to get specs that match that fabulous new hat.

Bride and Groom Sunglasses

And of course don't forget about the reception and honeymoon - if you will be out in the bright sunshine then stylish his and her sunglasses are a must.

We're here to help

Whatever you decide, and even if you'd just like some expert advice on all the available choices and of the pro's and con's of each, then feel free to pop in and talk to one of our Dispensing Opticians.

Wedding Glasses

If you are planning your own wedding, or even attending a wedding in any capacity, then we wish you a fantastic day.

For general information on planning your wedding, why not visit hitched.co.uk wedding planning.