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VDU Use in the Workplace

In this world where more and more people spend their working lives looking at computer screens or Visual Display Units (VDUs), it is important that employers ensure that each employee is not at risk from eyestrain.

It has been law since 1992 that all employers are required to provide staff who regularly use VDUs as part of their job the following:

VDU Eye Examination

Our VDU eye examination is a comprehensive full Eye Examination and not just a quick VDU vision test:

Even if the eye examination is paid for by the employer, employees may also pay for additional tests such as Optomap Digital Retina Imaging if they so wish.

VDU Work

VDU Spectacles

Where VDU spectacles are required we recommend that the employer decides on the amount they are prepared to pay (which must meet the cost of a basic pair) and allow employees to meet any additional cost for more stylish frames themselves.

Bespoke Spectacles Designed for VDU work

For professionals who use VDUs all day long, we can also offer the latest in varifocal lens design, such as the Rodenstock Nexyma range. These lenses offer different focusing areas specifically designed to help desk work when looking between the screen and desk, to reduce eyestrain and improve quality of vision.


Useful Information

Working With VDUs Guidelines
The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992