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Taking inspiration from classic styles and updating with modern finishes, the Superdry Optical Collection guarantees a timeless elegance. From the cats-eyes "Daisy" and half framed "Caine" to the retro-inspired "Depp", all styles encompass a vintage yet contemporary feel. Bamboo temples, unique front trims and matt zinc finishings typify this exciting collection. Hand embossed markings and keyhole bridges are found throughout. Each top brow comes with authentic, laser cut Superdry branding. Thicker acetate than standard ensures the Superdry Optics are built to last. Choose pink blush or purple haze detailing for the ultimate eyewear. With 7 barrel chrome hinges and made with premium acetate, these hand-crafted glasses will be a future classic.

Dean Available sandblasted in Cuban horn, tobacco or jet black.
Navigator Half framed with Superdry logos. Available in Cuban Horn, Havana tort or gloss black.
Jetstar Comes in black fade, Tokyo tortoise shell, blush and purple haze
Harper Half framed, available in Osaka black with matt zinc detailing.
Brando Square matt frames, either gloss jet black or amfissa olive. Both with buffalo horn temples.
Riley Choose from black fade,Shoreditch smoke, or pink blush
Depp A Classic shape with Havana tortoise shell and bamboo temples
Caine Half-framed with matt zinc finishings, comes in Cuban horn or Osaka black
Officer Available in black fade with unique metal detailing and Durango brown leather temples
Daisy Cat's-eye shape which comes in Cuban horn of gloss jet black with ivory detailing
Kitty Choose from Shoreditch smoke, blush, black or purple haze
Jools In gloss jet black with leather temples
Hope Tobacco horn with bamboo hand-crafted temples
Honor 1950's style, available in classic tobacco horn or gloss jet black
Holly Squared frame, available sandblasted in ivory, Havana or jet black facebook/
Superdry Glasses Frames Superdry Glasses Frames Superdry Glasses Frames
superdry_glasses_frames_daisy Superdry Glasses Frames Officer Superdry Glasses Frames Hope
Superdry Glasses Superdry Glasses Frames Officer Superdry Glasses Frames Riley
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