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Richard C Arnold: Spectacles tailored for you

All our dispensing opticians are G.O.C. registered

Our dispensing opticians are all fully qualified and G.O.C. registered and can help you make the best decision when choosing glasses. Not only will we make sure that you look good, but by discussing your lifestyle and your specific needs, we can ensure that you get the right product at the right price.

Wide range of designer and bespoke frames

We provide a large range of spectacles from all the major designers and can even make you frames to your own specification. We stock all the popular makes and have a wide selection of styles for men, women and children. See our bespoke page for more information.

The Complete Superdry Collection

We stock the extremely popular and stylish Superdry collection. To view the range see our superdry page.

Advanced HOYA Visureal® fitting system

Using our video measurement system (Visureal®), we are able to measure the position of your eyes to very high accuracy which allows us to ensure the lenses are manufactured to very high tolerences for better performance. This system also allows you to see images of yourself from various angles and to see what you would look like in a range of stylish frames. For more information click here.

Children's Frames

The range of childrens styles is growing all the time providing a wide choice of high quality / designer children's frames.

Our G.O.C. registered opticians are fully qualified to dispense glasses for children and can provide best advice to make sure your child receives the best product to suit their needs.


We stock a wide range of designer sunglasses (both prescription and non-prescription) to suit all ages and interests. One of our most popular ranges is the Serengeti Driver range; some of the finest sunglasses developed specifically for drivers.

Sports eyewear

Sports Eyewear

We always stock the latest technology when it comes to sports eye wear. Whether your sport is skiing, cycling, swimming, diving or golf, we have the expertise so that you can discuss your needs and get up to date advice on the best products for you. For example, if you can't decide whether to get ski goggles to cover your glasses or to get prescription googles then talk to our Dispensing Opticians who can go through the pros and cons of each to help you decide. For more information see our sports eyewear page.

Safety Glasses

We can support your business

To support you and your business, we also provide a full range of protective and occupational eyewear meeting the CE standards EN166 (protection) and EN169 (welding). Business contracts welcome.

Outside prescriptions welcome

If you have had your eyes tested elsewhere, simply bring along your prescription and we'll be happy to provide you with glasses or contact lenses.


Our Professional staff work to the highest standards. If you make the choice to have your spectacles made up elsewhere using our presciption, then we cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from non-tolerance.

Great promotions

We always have spectacles on offer so it's always worthwhile to check out our promotions.