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Eye Test Costs

NHS Sight Test: Free to all exempted groups.

Hampshire NHS Low Vision testing: Free to those eligible.

Description Fees £ Fees with Eyeplan Membership £
Private eye examination - a comprehensive examination lasting between 30-40 minutes 35.00 - 39.50 Free
Extended eye examinationas above, but also includes either an Optomap or an OCT. (allow 1 hour) 55.00 - 60.00 n/a
Optomap advanced wide angle 200° retinal imaging30.00Free
Optomap image - copy for patient to keep 15.00 10.00
Zeiss Cirrus Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) 45.00 40.00
Colour overlay assessment 40.00 35.00
Civil aviation examination and form fill 60.00 Free
Colour vision (police testing and report) 40.00 35.00
Emergency appointments from 20.00 Free
Orthokeratology consultation and trial - overnight vision correction giving freedom from wearing lenses during the day 180.00 150.00
Orthokeratology contact lenses (monthly payment under Eyeplan scheme) n/a 39.50
Follow up appointments e.g. visual fields, pressures and other tests as necessary Price on quotation Price on quotation
Contact lens assessment - to assess suitability for contact lenses.
Prescriptions are only given once the contact lens optician is satisfied with the fit, lens tolerance and handling of the lenses.
Free Free
Contact lens teach - includes fitting of lens, teach and one follow up appointment 35.00 Free
Contact lens aftercare - all new contact lens fits require a follow up appointment after six months of wear. 35.00 Free

To provide you with cost effective eyecare and products, we offer Eyeplan™ *. For a monthly fee, Eyeplan™ covers the cost of all your eyecare, offers you savings on all your purchases and gives you free accidental damage cover.

Eyeplan scheme – Reward or Diabetic including Optomap 9.95
(under 19s) 4.95
Eyeplan Complete – monthly payment scheme for products Product dependent
Eyeplan CL monthly membership payment scheme including Optomap 13.95
(under 19s) 8.95
Eyeplan all inclusive scheme including Optomap (lenses and solutions) Product dependent