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eyeDream Orthokeratology Lenses

EyeDream Lenses for Orthokeratology

Wear by Night but not by Day!

Orthokeratology (sometimes called Ortho K or Ortho-K) is a safe and successful alternative to conventional contact lens wear, spectacles and laser surgery. It enables freedom from the wearing of any optical aids throughout the day, and hence freedom from dryness, irritations and optical problems associated with conventional soft lenses drying out.

We have been employing this method of sight correction for a number of years with great success. Many of our patients often commenting on the improved vision over and above all other types of eye correction . It is also often found to be a more convenient way to assist sight correction, as the EyeDream Orthokeratology Lenses are only worn over night, instead of during the day. During overnight wear the lenses simply float upon the tears of the eye, and utilise the tear surface tension to produce a slow and gentle corneal shape alteration and hence a correction for Myopia. Removal in the lenses in the morning produces all day clear sight.

EyeDream Lenses

Eyedream lenses are a brand of OrthoK lens from No 7 Contact lenses. To find more information about EyeDream and OrthoK, visit www.eyedreamlenses.co.uk.

Why have Orthokeratology?

  • The main purpose of Orthokeratology is to be free of both Contact Lenses and Spectacles all day.
  • The freedom from any artificial aid appeals to Myopic Spectacle and Contact Lens wearers.
  • It is ideal for sportsmen, swimmers or those who work in dusty or dirty environments.
  • Some long term contact lens wearers develop a sensitivity to their lenses which results in reduced wearing time. Orthokeratology can solve these problems.
  • For myopes with higher errors, there is sufficient reduction of the error to enable improved functional vision when the lenses are removed.
  • If you have difficulty in achieving the required visual standard for employment then Orthokeratology may help. Orthokeratology often gives better quality vision than contacts or spectacles.

Is everyone suitable for Orthokeratology?

Simple answer: No!

  • The procedure works best up to -4.50 dioptres of Myopia and -1.5 dioptres of Astigmatism. We have however been successful with refractive errors higher than this. Please ask for details if you think you may be borderline prescription-wise.
  • The procedure also does not work as effectively on very steep or very flat corneas. In addition there are several unknown factors affecting success for each individual.
  • Whilst the success rate is very high, success cannot be guaranteed due to factors outside our control.

What does the procedure involve?

Ortho K natural vision
  • First, an initial assessment appointment to include a full Sight Test, and Computerised Corneal Topographical Scan. This gives us a chance to both assess the general condition and health of your eyes, and also to discuss the likely effectiveness of the procedure in your own case.
  • A pair of lenses are then issued for an overnight trial. We will then see you the next morning (or as close as possible to this time) to assess the progress of correction.
  • You will then need to be assessed after a full week of wear. If any modifications are needed a new pair of lenses may need to be ordered (this will incur no extra expense over and above your initial fee).
  • Most of the visual changes occur rapidly in the first few days and stabilization procedures then follow at a slower pace over the next week or two.
  • The final wearing time depends on many variables, but we consider the treatment aim to be good unaided vision all or most waking hours, with lenses being worn overnight . Some patients are able to achieve good vision for almost 2 days and hence only feel they have to wear their lenses every other night.

What are the disadvantages of Orthokeratology?

  • You must be prepared to allow for 4-6 visits over 3-6 months. Retainer Lens Wear is essential or the Cornea will revert to its original shape.
  • The degree of success is high but cannot always be guaranteed.
  • The rate of improvement varies from one person to the next. You must be prepared to follow instructions implicitly for the best results.
  • Adaptation –comfort wise- to a rigid gas permeable lens may take several days.

Does Ortho K have any advantages over laser surgery?

  • The procedure is REVERSIBLE.
  • It does not involve post-operative pain.
  • It does not leave the hazy vision often experienced by patients following laser surgery.
  • It does not leave any post operative dry eye effect, which can affect some Lasik patients.
  • Ortho K is significantly cheaper.

Do Ortho K lenses hurt?

The lenses are made out of highly gas permeable material, which allows lots of oxygen through to the cornea. The design of Ortho K lenses is such that there is a large tear pool under the lens, which helps make them comfortable. For patients who have never worn rigid lenses before, we suggest that they wear them for about 2 hours on the night before they first sleep in the lenses. Most of our successful Ortho K patients are previous happy soft lens wearers.

Isn't it dangerous to sleep in Contact Lenses?

Some Contact Lenses are designed to be slept in.  It is only dangerous to sleep in lenses which are designed for daily wear. We recommend a thorough rub and rinse (especially the lens back surface) to remove overnight tear debris from the lens surface. Compliance with the care regime as recommended will often produce eyes much whiter than for equivalent soft lens wear.

Ortho K for active lives

How often must I wear the lenses

Most patients need to wear their lenses every day. Some can wear them more infrequently and still maintain the effect.

How long will the lenses last?

Your lenses will be changed every 6 to 12 months on our planned replacement scheme. The monthly fee you pay is inclusive of this.

Will I be able to see in the initial adaptation period?

Most of the prescription change occurs in the first night, and the change will continue for about 2 weeks.  If you need some extra help during this interim period, we can give you daily disposable lenses to fill your need.

What do I do next?

Please feel free to contact us if you feel you would like to discuss this further, or if you would like to make an appointment. An initial chat appointment is free of charge.

Orthokeratology Cost?

The fees for Orthokeratology treatment are as follows:

  • Initial Consultation and Fitting (Non Refundable) : £180.00. This includes initial pair of lenses and all initial consultations but does not include any additional services such as OCT or Optomap examinations. This cost is reduced for existing Eyeplan members - see pricing page.
  • Monthly Direct Debit: £39.50 (This includes 6 or 12 monthly lens change, all disinfecting / storage solutions and inclusion on the Eyeplantm scheme)

Please Note:

If you wear soft contact lenses, please leave them out of your eyes for 2 days before your initial consultation. Gas permeable lenses will require a longer period of wear cessation.

Ortho K Surfer

Ortho K for Petersfield, Chichester and West Sussex

Not all opticians have the facilities or training to be able to supply Orthokeratology. Because of this we find that we are the closest supplier of Ortho K lenses to many West Sussex locations as this service becomes more and more popular.