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Optomap Advanced Digital Imagery

Watch a Video

To see a video to explain how examinations of the retina are normally carried out and how Optomap is so much more advanced, please click here.

What is Optomap?

Optomap Digital Retinal Imager

Optomap is an advanced digital imaging system that allows images to be taken of almost the entire retina in one simple operation.

The system allows 200 degrees of the retina (which is 5 times more than standard digital imaging techniques) to be imaged in one go, without the need to dilate the pupil or perform any other uncomfortable procedures. This makes checking the health of the eye much easier and also provides a permanent record of your eye's current condition allowing the optometrist to check for any degradation or change between visits.

Optomap is a British development which has been a great export success, especially to the USA where there are over 3000 Optomap systems in use. Surprisingly, considering it's impressive performance, there are only about 150 Optomap systems currently in use within the UK.

Why do I need Optomap?

Optomap has been successful in detecting many problems that would otherwise have gone unnoticed for a considerable time. Early detection has often allowed fast and effective treatment before the condition permanently worsened.

We also recommend that every child has an optomap scan since treatment of disease at an early age can prevent problems that might last a lifetime. Please see our Children's Optomap Page for more details.

How much does Optomap cost?

An Optomap examination takes approximately 10 minutes and costs £30.00 (or reduced or free with EyeplanTM membership).

More Information

More information on the Optomap system is available in this brochure from the www.optos.com site.

Please contact us if you have any questions about Optomap, and remember to ask for Optomap to be included when you book up your next eye test.