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Ultimate lens technology for perfect vision

We stock all types of lens technology

We provide a wide range of lenses and can offer all the usual lens types in a wide range of materials and surface treatments such as:


ColorMatic lenses for all light conditions

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ColorMatic lenses have been a favourite of our customers for many years. This year Rodenstock (the lens manufacturer) have improved the lens material which not only makes them react faster, but also allows a greater range of lens types to be treated. This includes single vision, bifocals and varifocals.

The benefits of Rodenstock ColorMatic:


Nexyma: Specially designed for computer work

We also can offer "Nexyma" varifocal lenses which are designed for variable reading/intermediate distance work, which are perfect for computer use and for other vocations such as mechanics, plumbers, dentists and for close-work hobbies.


Outside prescriptions welcome

If you have had your eyes tested elsewhere, simply bring along your prescription and we'll be happy to provide you with glasses or contact lenses.