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In-house glazing laboratory

At our practice in Petersfield, we have our own dedicated spectacle glazing laboratory equipped with a computerised link direct to our main lens suppliers. Our resident technician, David Cornelius, has nearly 25 years of experience, glazing all types of spectacles from standard full rimmed frames to some of the most demanding and advanced rimless designs. His traditional skills combined with modern, computerised, lens blocking and edging machinery ensures elegant, accurate and cosmetically pleasing results.

Before leaving the laboratory, all spectacles are inspected and re-checked for accuracy to British Standards 2738-1. Once released from the laboratory, our qualified Dispensing Opticians check all spectacles for a second time and only then are they deemed acceptable for supply to our customers.

We feel that our investment in modern technology, the technical skill and experience of our staff, and our rigorous quality control procedures ensure we deliver spectacles of the highest standards for all our customers.