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CirrusTM HD-OCT: Advanced 3D Scanner - Now Arrived!

OCT Scan Analysis

The OCT (Optical Coherence Tomographer) is a high definition scanner, which allows your optometrist to image the very structure of your retina and optic nerve in much the same way a doctor uses an MRI scanner to see inside a patients body.

By imaging all layers of the retina and not just the top layer (as with all photographic techniques) the OCT can detect signs of disease much earlier than would otherwise be possible. This in turn will usually allow you better treatment options and a better visual outcome.

We would recommend everyone and especially anyone with diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, glaucoma (or a family history of glaucoma) to have an OCT scan as part of their regular eye examinations.

The OCT is comfortable and straightforward and takes only a few moments to take each image. The machine even remembers the position of the chin rest from each patient’s last exam in order to reduce the setup time.

For more information on the CirrusTM HD-OCT please visit the Zeiss website which has many informative (but rather technical) videos on the HD-OCT. The Capture Scan Video shows how an operator takes a scan. Although this video is taken from the operators perspective, it does show how easy the process is for the client.

If you would like that extra peace of mind, please ask for an OCT scan on your next visit.

Price: £45 or £35 for Eyeplan members.