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Why choose Richard C Arnold?

This page aims to list just some of the reasons why Richard C Arnold can provide you with the eye care that you need. If you are not familiar with some of the terms used on this or any other page, please click on the unfamiliar term to obtain a description.


We are proud to be independent

This means that we are not tied into any manufacturer or supplier which in turn means that we can offer you the widest range of products and services to ensure that you get the eye care solution which most meets your lifestyle and your needs.


Our Optometrists are all trained and experienced

We make sure that our Optometrists are both highly trained and also highly equipped with the latest technology. During eye examinations, we not only measure your prescription as accurately as possible, but we also take the time necessary to ensure that we've checked for a multitude of other possible health problems.


All of our Dispensing Opticians are qualified and G.O.C. registered

It is not illegal to dispense optics to the general public without being G.O.C. registered, but it is illegal for anyone to dispense spectacles to children, low vision, or partially sighted unless qualified and registered. At Richard C Arnold we are proud that all of our Dispensing Opticians are G.O.C. registered. This ensures that you will get the best advice and the best products to suit your needs.



Our Professional staff work to the highest standards. If you make the choice to have your spectacles made up elsewhere to our prescription, then we cannot be held responsible for any problems resulting from non-tolerance.



We are always investing in new technology in order to improve our service.

The very latest of these acquisitions is our new OCT Scanner which allows us to image in 3D the very structure of the eye (rather like a CAT scan) so that we can detect and treat problems before they begin to cause damage.

We also have Optomap which allows us to take digital images of the retina. There are only about 150 such systems in the UK which allow almost the entire retina (and 5 times more than conventional digital imagery techniques) to be imaged in one go without the need for dilation, or any other invasive technique.

These technologies make checking the health of the eye much easier and also provides a permanent record of your eye's current condition allowing the optometrist to check for any degradation or change between visits.

Another great innovation is our Hoya Visureal® video measurement system that uses video technology to measure your eyes to high precision to produce very accurate lenses. The system also allows you to see on screen how you would look in a range of stylish frames making that all important decision about which frame to go with a little easier.

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Richard C Arnold is proud to be the eyeplanTM representative for Petersfield. This scheme allows you to pay for your eye care in monthly installments, and in return you have free eye examinations and obtain large reductions in the cost of spectacles, contact lenses and associated accessories. Depending upon your eye care needs, this scheme may provide you with the double benefit of improved service and reduced costs.


Laser treatment

We are able to advise on the suitability of laser treatment for you and can provide all the after care required once the treatment is complete.


Ortho K

If you would like to have perfect eyesight during the day without glasses or contact lenses, then perhaps Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is for you. This simple treatment involves wearing contact lenses at night whilst you sleep. When you awake, you can then remove the lenses and you have perfect eyesight through out the day. It works because the contact lenses gently change the shape of your eye and correct your vision. Richard C Arnold are one of the few Optometrists to be able to provide this exciting treatment.


Spectacles, Sunglasses and Contact Lenses

All the latest designer and bespoke frames and some great budget frames. A wide range of lens technology allows us to provide you with best vision correction solution for you. We also can offer "Nexyma" lenses which are designed for variable reading/intermediate distance work which are perfect for computer use and for other vocations such as mechanics, plumbers, dentists and for close-work hobbies.

Laboratory Technician

We have our own in-house glazing laboratory

Having our very own laboratory staffed by experienced technicians allows us to have great control on quality and allows us when necessary to achieve a fast turn around for our customers. Simply put, this increases both our customer service capability and our product quality control.


Free examinations

We provide free eye examinations for children (under 16 or 19 if in full-time education) and if aged over 60. Also other NHS entitlements are included.


A Hampshire family business

The Arnolds family have been optometrists since 1890 and in Petersfield, Hampshire since 1928. This means that we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to call upon on all aspects of optometry and eye health care.


Bespoke services

We can provide custom services in which we can design eyewear to meet your exact specification. Whether it be a particular need for your sport or hobby, or simply that unique styling. Whatever the size, shape or colour we can make frames tailored exactly to the contours of your face and personalised however you wish.


Is that all?

Apart from experienced, friendly and enthusiastic staff using leading edge technology, all we can offer is exceptional service and peace of mind from a business that has been serving Hampshire and West Sussex for over a century. We hope you will contact us or visit us soon.