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Eye Examinations

We take your eye care seriously

At Richard C Arnold our optometrists have a wealth of experience and all the latest technology to hand and usually spend 30 minutes on each examination. We realise how important eye examinations are, not only to ensure that we measure your eye prescription as accurately as possible, but also because of the enormous number of general health conditions that can be detected during an eye test. These can include such conditions as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol to name but a few, and of course the sooner such conditions can be detected the easier they are to treat. So make sure you make eye tests a part of your regular health checks.

Extended Eye Examination

We also provide an extended eye examination in which we examine your eyes using our Humphrey's visual field machine and corneal topographer. These tests can detect signs of disease that might not otherwise be detected during the standard test. For more information please see the extended eye examination page. We are also very experienced in performing more specialist tests such as the Aviators Pilot License (CAA) test and DVLA test when requested.

We take your child's eye care seriously

It is also very important to ensure that your child has regular eye tests as they grow, since there are many problems (such as squinting and lazy eye) that if detected soon enough can be treated before the problem has a permanent effect. Often it is found that underachieving at school and poor concentration can be attributed to eye sight problems.

Optomap Image

Advanced Wide Angle Digital Imager

For a small additional cost, we can also offer Optomap as part of your eye examination. Optomap allows your Optometrist to take a digital image of your retina, making it easier to detect problems and providing a permanent record of your eye health. The Optomap system we use sees 5x more than normal digital imagers. For more information on the advantages and costs, please click here.

3D OCT Scan Image

OCT Scanner now available

The cutting edge technology allows your optometrist to image below the surface or your retina and detect problems earlier than has ever been possible before. Having an OCT scan is quick and easy and highly recommended for people in high risk categories. For more information on the advantages and costs, please click here.


Do you qualify for free eye tests?

We provide free NHS eye tests to:

We also provide free NHS eye tests to the following categories: