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Launching a New Era in Contact Lens Comfort

Dailies® Total 1® Contact Lenses from CIBA

Total One Comfortable Contact Lenses

The ultra-new contact lenses for short sight

'Dailies Total 1’ (described as ‘the most comfortable soft contact lens ever’), is now available from Richard C Arnold Opticians in Petersfield.

This new soft contact lens is possible due to advanced research and testing in polymer technologies and represents a new era of comfort. It has a highly innovative surface that provides a moist, silky soft feeling which creates a lens with exceptional end of day comfort. It also has the highest breathability (oxygen delivery) of any leading daily contact lens.

This means that existing wearers who have problems with dryness with soft contact lenses, or even wearers who have previously had to stop lens wear altogether due to symptoms of dryness, may be able to enjoy the benefits of comfortable contact lens wear again.

As yet it is only available in short sighted powers without astigmatism. However, the Dailies® Total 1® contact lens has the potential to deliver supreme comfort that lasts through to the end of the day.

Whether you've had problems with dryness before, or simply want to upgrade to experience this new era in comfort for yourself please call the practice and make an appointment with our Contact Lens Practitioner to arrange a trial.