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All your contact lens needs

Wide range of lenses

At Richard C Arnold, as independent opticians, we stock a wide range of contact lenses and accessories.

We fit all leading brands of lenses as well as Bespoke, Custom and Specialist lenses so you can be assured of the very best comfort and vision.


Contact lenses are fitted by our Optometrists and Contact Lens Practitioners. We always ensure that enough time is allocated to you so that the suitability of your prescription and eyes may be fully assessed for contact lens wear.

Wearing Trial

As part of the wearing trial, you are taken through every step of contact lens wear, from insertion and removal to cleaning and best hygiene practice.


The health of your eyes is very important. We are required by law to ensure that all clients receive aftercare appointments (initially at 6 months and then annually or as recommended by your Optometrist) to ensure that you have good eye health and that your contact lenses are in a good condition. Contact lenses cannot be issued unless these aftercare appointments are met.

It is also essential that all contact lens wearers must have an up to date pair of backup prescription spectacles for emergency use and “rest days”.


Contact lenses are paid for by monthly direct debit through our eyeplan membership scheme. This gives you significantly lower prices on your contact lenses and reductions on all eyewear. It also includes the cost of your aftercare, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you remain legally compliant.

Contact Lens Information

Lens Types

At Richard C Arnold, as independent opticians, we stock a wide range of contact lenses and accessories including the following types:


Some people are worried about using contact lenses for the first time, or had problems on their first attempt. If that's you then why not take a look at our advice page.

Lenses have improved dramatically in recent years so you may find that switching to a new design might provide benefits over your current lenses. Even those who “failed with lenses“ in previous years are amazed at the differences today, both in comfort and vision. Our message is try again!


We are also able to provide you with Orthokeratology (or Ortho K) lenses which might give you day time freedom from lenses all together. Click here for more information on Orthokeratology.


There are great benefits for contact lens users when they join the eyeplanTM scheme. The benefits specific to contact lens users are listed here.

Contact lenses for children

Many people are also surprised that children can safely wear contact lenses as an alternative to spectacles. If you would like to know more then please look at our contact lens Advice page for Children.

Contact lenses for teens

We all go through many changes in our teens – and sometimes this can include our vision. To make sure your eyes are healthy, you need to get an eye examination every year. Teens have their own vision needs which are often different from children or adults. It might be time to think about contact lenses if:

For more information about teens using contact lenses, take a look at the teen page on the Acuvue website.

Contact lenses for adults

While most eye care issues remain the same throughout our lives, others can change – just as we do:

For contact lens advice as we get older, please look at the "Lenses for all Ages" page on the Acuvue website.