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Fitting a Contact Lens

Contact Lenses for the first time?

Having contact lenses for the first time can seem a daunting prospect. Everyone seems to know a tale of someone who has had problems with contact lenses.

However, the following facts may help to guide your decision at to whether you want to try them (or try them again).

  1. Soft contact lenses give incredible comfort. (Normally, after about a minute, you might be able to totally forget you have a lens in place)
  2. Contact lenses are not made from glass anymore!
  3. Gas permeable lenses are the modern equivalent to the original ‘hard lenses’ from the 70’s. They are much more comfortable than their predecessors. And are great with more complicated spectacle prescription; irregularly shaped corneas and possibly people with drier than normal eyes.
  4. Daily soft are great in many respects: They don’t require cleaning (simply wear and throw away at the end of the day); You get a clean comfortable lens every day. However, if you are looking to wear them all the time they can be a slightly more costly option compared to monthly soft disposables.
  5. Infection with any type of soft lens is very rare. So long as simple hygiene procedures are followed.
  6. At RC Arnold optometrists we are able to teach about 99% of people to handle contact lenses. From young children, to people in their 70’s and 80’s. You will be taught to handle lenses by our fully trained staff, in a ‘no pressure’ environment. We pride ourselves in our ability to get most people into successful contact lens wear (even where others have failed).

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