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Coloured disposable contact lenses

We supply an extensive range of coloured contact lenses for all sorts of uses.

We initially arrange a fitting for you, for us to ascertain lens suitability, and for you to try on different coloured contact lenses.

This is quite important, as coloured contact lenses will look very different on different eyes. It is thus impossible to gauge the effect of a coloured lens upon the eye purely from a brochure shot.

Tips on choosing colours

Lighter coloured eyes often look best in ‘enhancer’ lenses, these use some of your natural eye colour and subtly change it to give a very natural effect.

Darker eyes (even very dark eyes) will often need an opaque lens. The effect with these is more a masking effect, but they still use some of the colour from your natural eye.

‘Crazy Eye’ are great for the party season. They have some amazing fun effects in opaque form (wolf; zombie, cats eyes etc) but will need careful storage to ensure their further usage when next required.

If you have any questions or would like to try out our coloured contact lenses, then please make an appointment.


Coloured contact lenses have to be fitted and assessed to ensure the eyes tolerance to their presence is unaffected. In this respect they must be supplied in the same manner as prescription soft lenses.

Coloured soft lenses from unregistered suppliers may cause problems for your eyes as:

  • Their correct fit hasn’t been ascertained;
  • No verbal instruction regards hygiene and lens replacement is normally given with these lenses by the supplier;
  • There is no facility to check that the lens chosen is not causing damage to the eyes;
  • Certain suppliers offer no advice to ensure that the purchasers of these lenses don’t swap them with their friends, and thus risk potential cross contamination.

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