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Free eye examinations for kids

Eyesight is precious and it is important to safeguard your child's vision by ensuring that regular sight examinations become part of their routine healthcare from childhood to adulthood. It is also important to remember that there are many problems (such as lazy eye and a squint) that, if detected soon enough, can be treated simply and quickly before the problem becomes permanent.

For more advice on children's examinations, please see our children's eyesight advice page.

Eye examinations are funded by the NHS for all children up to the age of 16 and also for those up to 19 in full time education.


All of our Dispensing Opticians are qualified and G.O.C. registered

It is not illegal to dispense optics to the general public without being G.O.C. registered, but it is illegal for anyone to dispense spectacles to children, low vision, or the partially sighted unless qualified and registered. At Richard C Arnold we are proud that all of our Dispensing Opticians are G.O.C. registered. This ensures that you will get the best advice and the best products to suit your needs.


Optomap Examination

For peace of mind, we recommend that your child has an Optomap advanced digital retinal scan which can detect many abnormalities which can be missed by a standard examination. For more information please see our Optomap for Children page.


Designer styles just for kids

We also stock some fabulous ranges of eyewear designed for kids of all ages.


Contact Lenses for Children and Teenagers

You may also be surprised that we can fit contact lenses for children aged 11 or even younger. To find out about the advantages and disadvantages please look at out kids_contact_lenses page.


Children's Eye Care Information

Some of our Optometrists are involved in helping educate children on all aspects of eye care by visiting local schools and explaining all the facts. Many of the subjects they talk about can be explored online at the very colourful Eye Know Eye Care site.